7 tips to help you get excited and effective on the first Monday of the week

When thinking about the first working day of the second week and the whole week after that, most of us easily fall into a state of lethargy and sigh. To help you have a refreshing spirit and increase your excitement starting the new week of energy, Rilex would like to share with you the following 7 tips:

1. Bask
You should wake up early on Monday morning, take advantage of fresh air and get exposure to sunlight. This habit makes your spirit more refreshing and youthful to prepare for a new work week.

2. Exercise sport
Participate in exercise or walking, jogging, yoga, cycling in the morning before starting work to energize your body throughout the day.

3. Listen to music
Listening to music helps you reduce pressure and focus more on Monday. You should choose songs without words, energetic and energetic rhythm, it will certainly help you start the second day of the week with extremely effective and more enthusiastic spirit.

4. Full breakfast
Full breakfast helps you replenish the energy you need after a long sleep. Improve health even more by drinking 1 cup of fresh milk or 1 cup of yogurt. Great for uplifting as well as health

Full breakfast to start the new energy day with Rilex Coworking Space

5. Wear bright colored clothes
Very simple but very effective. On Monday morning with a colorful set of clothes or a colorful bag will look more energetic.

6. Use your favorite perfume
Launch the new week with the mild scent you love. At that time you will feel yourself fresh and full of life throughout the day's work.
Another tip, on the desk you should have a green pot or a nice vase of flowers for a fresh working space and help you relax and create new ideas.

7.  Sit up straight when working
Mental health experts recommend that having a proper sitting posture helps reduce the feeling of drowsiness on the first day of the week.
So, you should sit up straight while working, do not droop, head down on the table. That can help you feel more proactive and avoid common workplace diseases.

🔜Do it tomorrow!
Rilex wishes you an effective working week!

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