7 benefits of virtual office

When businesses require flexible working hours, virtual offices give people the opportunity to work whenever they like from anywhere.

Virtual office is the selection trend of new businesses and startups because of the value benefits it brings. It helps businesses not have to pay space rental costs, no technology costs, employees will cut down time for moving, increase labor productivity.

Here are 7 benefits that employees and businesses can benefit from a virtual office:

  1. Travel time reduced

In the past, you spent two or three hours a day preparing for work and moving to the office with time spent working. As a result, productivity is increased and focused, employees have a more comfortable working environment near home.

Virtual office service is quite suitable for businesses located far from the center, suburbs or provinces. Your business will have a business address located in the central area, easy to meet with customers.

  1. Flexible working time

Mostly, when placing a virtual office in a central location, employees work remotely and are not present at the office. They can use their working time proactively and flexibly: exercise during working hours, rest during the day, stay up at night to work, even work at lunchtime etc. As long as work completed on schedule and with good results.

Many feedback on the convenience of virtual offices, helping them feel comfortable actively using their time in a flexible way.

  1. For better health

A study a few years ago published research findings showing that sitting for more than 11 hours a day increases the risk of death by more than 40%. Therefore, it is encouraged that employees get up to take breaks and move between work hours.

For virtual offices, employees are always flexible in terms of time, so they will move more than sitting in the office every day.

  1. Holidays are used less often.

Want to travel with family? There is no need to write an application to take leave, you can work while traveling or make up for the next time.

Work remotely anywhere. Really convenient, right?

  1. Virtual office services are located everywhere

You do business, you want to get business addresses, receive mail and meet customers around the world thanks to virtual office services.

A foreign enterprise can open virtual offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang to set up business headquarters in big cities and facilitate meeting with customers.

  1. It costs less.

Virtual office services will help your business save all costs such as service fees, maintenance fees, electricity, water; furniture, equipment and related costs.

Businesses use these costs to invest more in people, systems, technologies, and operations.

  1. Increase labor productivity.

In the past, office work was seen as a place to boost productivity thanks to supervision and co-workers. Assume that the home work environment will distract the staff.

Agree that there are factors that will make you easily distracted, but if we are disciplined at work, we will achieve the expected efficiency, the ability to think, and the more creative freedom when working in the space. myselft.

Although virtual offices are not the right type for all businesses, some companies need real space to implement projects, need employees to always work at the office to handle urgent tasks, receiving customers. But for a startup or small business, virtual offices bring outstanding benefits as we have outlined above.

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