Expanding workspace technology age 4.0

Technology era 4.0 has brought many incredible benefits to everyone, in addition to entertainment technology 4.0 also helps people work more effectively wherever it is sometimes not necessary to go to the company.

The development of technology is the foundation of the "4.0 office", just the internet you can sit and work anywhere!

More and more people choose to work in Coworking Space

When the "absence" created a new breakthrough

Currently Space Coworking Space is not only for Freelancer but also as a workplace for fulltime company employees. Some companies also have their own rules like each week there will be an unnecessary freelance working day to the company office.

The freedom to choose a workplace is very effective at work. Ms. Mai Ly - Manager of a media company in District 3 said: “For more than 1 year my company allows employees to have 2 working days a week without having to go to the company. This change helps you to be more creative and active in your work. I realize your productivity is much more efficient than before”.

Thus, with the development of technology age 4.0, people have more choices about working space.

The most benefit is cost saving, comfortable when choosing your favorite workspace and working anytime, anywhere.

However, there are some disadvantages if you don't control yourself:

Reasonable work arrangements: This is a prerequisite if you want to be a versatile person who works anytime, anywhere.

High discipline: Complete the deadline specified, increase the performance

At risk will always work 24/7: The greater the benefit, the higher the responsibility

Internet speed is very fast

And the necessary and sufficient conditions to work most effectively is possessing a strong internet line that can catch on at the same time with work to be able to solve urgent problems, or join group discussions with colleagues.

Rilex Coworking Space is located in the central area of ​​District 3 - The perfect choice when you want to find a creative and dynamic working space, and at the same time maximize the cost, connect the community to do work together effectively!

RILEX COWORKING SPACE - Start-up space - Where a pawn will become a queen
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