• Work time : 7h30 - 20h00
  • Use the address to print your business card
  • Private desk
  • Professional reception, shared lounge area
  • Priority right to attend Riland events organized
  • Incentives when buying real estate projects of Rinhomes

Dedicated desk

Dedicated desk is a fixed workplace in the co- working area of Rilex Coworking Space.

You can sit and work individually or in group. You will be enabled to work in a diverse community and enjoy privileges exclusive to Rilex members.

Who is the dedicated desk for?

  • Dedicated desk is ideal for freelancers, remote staff, small-sized companies which need fixed and gathered working seating, etc.
  • Dedicated desk is suitable for small and medium-sized companies that have been recently established or have expanded their markets from other provinces
  • Project teams or individuals with independent business wish to save costs, optimize personnel, use available sources and resources effectively
  • Dedicated desk is also a good choice for foreign companies that need to set up their representative offices in Vietnam or just need a large-enough office space for a few full-time employees.

... Simply for anyone who needs a long-term and reserved space.

- Dedicated desk is your home/ business

Dedicated desk is fully equipped with tables and chairs

- Bringing a long-term feeling

You can store your personal belongings and come back every day. You don’t need to carry them with you anymore

- Using essential services of the Office

In addition to using your own seat, you can still enjoy all the incentives when working at Rilex Coworking Space.

You get access to all utilities, from free drinking water, tea, meeting room booking to high speed Wifi, printing services, IT support, technical consultancy, etc.

- Building relationships and connecting communities

Dedicated desk enables you to approach an emerging coworking space, meet and communicate with a large number of experts and only available at Rilex - leading construction corporate environment in Vietnam (Ricons Group)


Dedicated desk at Rilex Coworking Space

2. What are the utilities and services that the dedicated desk at Rilex brings?

The dedicated desk is a choice which helps you focus on working and developing your business in the best way without thinking too much of surrounding environment because Rilex has accommodated you.

  • Private desk, fixed
  • Reception area with wide space
  • Receptionists are good at foreign languages, welcome guests professionally, guide and help your customers with the utmost care.
  • Free tea and drinking water
  • Unlimited high-speed wifi, internet
  • Using the same fax number
  • Free printers, scanners and photocopiers.
  • Free air conditioning, electricity and water, with backup generator
  • Use the address to print your business card
  • Receive a letter or parcel as required
  • Place the company name right at the entraince
  • Consultation on establishment of companies, business registration procedures, tax records

3. Only available at Rilex Coworking Space

Leading construction community in Vietnam

Priority right to attend Riland events organized

Promotion when buying Rihomes Real Estate products

>> Not only providing the dedicated desk, Rilex Coworking Space is also a professional and STANDARDIZED environment. It is the foundation for the customers’ success.


Address: 15 Nguyen Luong Bang, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC

Hotline: 0904 64 6565

Email: [email protected]


PRICE: 4,000,0002,750,000 VND/
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