• Place the company name right at the entrance
  • Use the address to register a business, print a business card
  • Professional Receptionist, Guest Reception
  • Receive a letter or parcel as required
  • Priority right to attend Riland events organized

Virtual office - the starting point of startup and small-sized businesses. 

  • You are a company from other provinces/cities and want to set up a branch in Ho Chi Minh City?
  • You are a foreign business and want to open a representative office in Vietnam?
  • You want to find a good location with many customer sources and a convenient? place to make transaction with partners? You want to save office rental?
  • You need good employees who can contact customers or answer calls professionally?
  • You are looking for a representative office for the company.
  • You want to start a business and establish a company for yourself.

Virtual office is a great solution for you in the above circumstances. Then what is virtual office and what benefits does it brings?

Virtual office is actually an office address for rent. This address will be your company’s business address and representative office. Virtual office will have receptionist on phone to answer questions when customers contact. There are meeting rooms, reception rooms and office equipment for you to use when needed (when you meet customers, partners, etc.).

However the difference is that you and all your employees do not need to be in the office but can work somewhere else. But when your customers come to the company, there are still employees to receive customer information and receive guests.

Virtual office at Rilex Coworking Space helps businesses save up to 70% of costs.This is a new solution, a new trend for start-up entrepreneurs or businesses that want to save costs.

Are you ready to experience our service?


Contact Hotline: 0904 64 6565 or see the virtual office price list in District 7

What do you get when using Rilex virtual office rental service?

  1. Only 20,000 VND/DAY
  2. Support in business registration procedures
  3. GOOD LOCATION to register a business license
  4. FREE:internet, wifi, electricity, drinking water, coffee, tea
  5. Name plate and logo of the company will be placed at the office right at the entrance
  6. Receptionists welcome guests and receive letters and parcels
  7. Consultation on corporate establishment
  8. Business registration procedures, tax records

>> 8 professional utilities charged EQUAL TO ONLY ONE CUP OF COFFEE minimize your company’s expenses

With a wide range of the said utilities, what makes you hesitate to use?

Why choose a virtual office for rent at Rilex Coworking Space

  • Own a high-end building at the center of District 7 with cheap virtual office packages.
  • Build a professional business image in your partner’s eyes through Rilex’s modern office image Rilex
  • Receptionists are professional, good at foreign languages, dedicated to customers.
  • When renting a virtual office, you will own a business address, representative office at District 7.
  • Preferential policies are always provided with virtual office service packages for loyal business customers
  • Rilex is always by your side and supports your business as a dedicated companion. You will feel secured when you own our virtual office rental service.

Receptionists are profession at Rilex


Contact Hotline: 0904 64 6565 or see the virtual office price list

HIGH-END office – VERY LOW price. Why not use?

Rilex is proud to bring virtual office services - an optimal and bilaterally convenient solution for business owners.

It’s not simply a low-cost virtual office, a reputable virtual office, a quality virtual office or a professional virtual office, but we also offer our customers "Live in Peace and Work in Contentment" living style.

Find out more about our service.

  1. Service for renting dedicated desks and flexible desk at Rilex office
  2. Service for renting office rooms with 5 to 10 people.
  3. Event space for rent
  4. Accounting and tax records services
  5. Consultancy services on corporate establishment, business registration procedures


Address: 15 Nguyen Luong Bang Str, Tan Phu Ward, Dist 7, HCM City

Hotline: 0904 64 6565



PRICE: 600,000 VND/
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