Rilex Coworking Space: An attractive choice for real estate start-ups

Space Coworking is becoming the leading trend in the world office market. In particular, with 90% of small and medium enterprises, more than 30% of the population are young people (15-35 years old), Vietnam is a favorable environment for the model of co-working development in the future.

Catching that trend, in early July, Riland - the company invested by Ricons opened Rilex Coworking Space. This is also the first product of Riland to launch the market.

Located in the center of District 3, No. 53-55 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Rilex Coworking owns a prime location adjacent to 3 facades Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ba Huyen Thanh Quan and Nguyen Thi Dieu. Rilex space is a hybrid model between sharing office and working coffee providing more convenience than traditional office, emphasizing on the community work space. and aim to the customer experience. With a floor area of ​​210 m2, Rilex Co-working offers nearly 100 seats and accompanying facilities such as spacious meeting rooms, entertainment and leisure areas, event area, service apartments, gym room , skyview pool, etc


Location of Rilex Coworking Space District 3

The birth of Rilex Coworking Space is the perfect piece for the closed services ecosystem of the leading construction group in Vietnam Coteccons Group. Especially for subcontractors, suppliers, startups in the construction, real estate or investment sectors, this is considered an optimal choice.

When working at Rilex, users will receive the effective support available from the Coteccons Group ecosystem, including: construction; project design and management; Production and trading of construction materials; interior design; real estate brokerage; managing the operation of the apartment; etc With this diverse ecosystem, Rilex will accompany consulting and support for start-ups on strategies and technologies to create a professional working environment and easy connection. with the world start-up community.

With the motto "Where a pawn will become a queen", Rilex expects to create a space in which the best conditions will converge to make a successful start-up idea of ​​your customers.

Rilex Coworking office offers more than 100 working seats

Space is modern and creative design.

On the occasion of opening this July when using Rilex Coworking Space's service, customers will receive 30% off the rental price in the first 6 months and special offers when signing a 1-year contract with 4 service packages. flexibility includes:

– Virtual Office Package VND 600,000 / month: provide business address, company sign, reception service, mail, phone, etc

– Flexible Desk Package VND 4,000,000 / month: providing flexible desk; Free building facilities such as gym, skyview pool, etc

– Dedicated Desk Package VND 5,000,000 /month: providing fixed seats and all accompanying services, free 4 hours meeting / month, incentives when buying Rihome real estate products and free 1 night at Saigon Pavillon luxury service apartment.

– Office Work Package VND 25,000,000 / month: providing private office with necessary facilities for groups of 5 people; Free 8h meeting room use / month, incentives when buying Rihome real estate products and free 2 nights at Saigon Pavillon luxury service apartment.


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