[EVENTS] Rilex Coworking Space workspace opened

On the morning of July 11, Riland Company successfully held the opening ceremony of Rilex Coworking Space at Saigon Pavillon 53 -55 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Ward 6, District 3, HCM
Attending the opening ceremony, representatives of the leadership of Coteccons, Ricons, member companies, partners, subcontractors, suppliers and all guests, Rilex Coworking Space customers.

Rilex Coworking Space opening ceremony

According to the current trend, more and more young people start up (Start a business), or Freelancers who want to save the maximum cost but still have a professional, modern work space where possible wear creative, not feeling forced, cramped
Those who are active in the job require creativity, business, investors, etc but not yet have the conditions to have a fixed office. Capturing this trend and demand, Rilex Coworking Space born - With the idea of ​​forming and developing a civilized, modern workplace, a startup, creative and passionate community.
At this morning, Riland Investment Joint Stock Company was very pleased to launch Rilex Coworking Space - a new brand within the ecosystem of Vietnam's leading construction group Coteccons Group.

Rilex Coworking Space office offers more than 100 working seats

On the chessboard, if a pawn with well-calculated chess moves forward, it will become a Queen with full power on the chessboard. And that is also Rilex's Slogan"Where a pawn will become a Queen". A small tree that is nurtured in a good environment will eventually rise into a giant tree, full of life, proliferate, flourish.
And that is the good thing that Rilex wants to bring to its customers

Main service Rilex Coworking Space
– Rental business address
– Flexible desk and dedicated desk rental
– Office for rent
– Rental of Meeting room and event space

In addition, when working at Rilex Coworking Space, customers will enjoy the entire utilities of the building and thousands of utilities around the HCM City Center area.

Rilex Coworking space opening ceremony was successful and good
Thank you guests for coming to the event. Wish all Rilex Coworking Space partners and customers to grow and succeed!

Some photos from the opening ceremony were recorded:

Visit the workspace, introduce services and utilities at Rilex Coworkin Space

Opening the event, speaking about sharing ideas of formation and orientation of Rilex Coworking Space

Contract signing ceremony with Rilex Coworking Space customer

Giving flowers and gifts, taking photos of Rilex opening event 

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